Council Chamber

1.1 The history of the placesThe new council chamber of the city of Apricena will rise in premises located on the ground floor of the Palazzo di Citta .The building , located in the General Course Torelli , No. 59, was purchased partly in 1840 and partly in 1875. The period of construction of the same , presumably , dates back to the late 1700s. The first ski (purchased in 1840 ) consisted of two floors and each floor consisted of four rooms, one of which is of lesser capacity , since it was allocated the stairway to the first floor. The floor above was used as municipal offices and the ground floor to the office of Conciliation and Urban Guards . The second area, adjacent to the first ( purchased in 1875) was also composed of two floors , and each floor consisted of five rooms .In it , they were adapted to the offices of the District Court and the hall of the Municipal Council , while the ground floor was used as a room for the caretaker and prison.In the same year , the town council , gave job eng. Flower of drafting a proposed extension and modification of the existing.The project consisted in the central part of the building, the creation of a single body scale , which was divided into two upper arms that were leading respectively to the Magistrates Court and the City Hall.The expansion , however, involved the creation of two bodies to form the center of a large courtyard plexus .These interventions ( expansion and modification of existing ) were made in 1927 and directed by the engineer . Nargiso that realize them as well as designed and developed by his predecessor who had since died.After a few years , the city administration , sensing the need to appropriate offices for the increased staff , provided the trial court for new premises and in 1936 entrusted the task of designing a better internal layout and arrangement of the main front (which today is preserved ) eng. Zicchino .In the 70s , with the intervention of expansion , was busy part of the courtyard . In the last intervention dating back to 1996 , the city administration entrusted with the task of restructuring of Palazzo Lombardi arch. Matthew Giammario .The extensive program of intervention , provided the structural reinforcement of the walls , vaults , floors in floor, roof replacement coverage , the removal of accretions in the courtyard and the realization of an adequate distribution of the environments, in order to achieve compartments offices . In addition to the construction of all facilities , the intervention involved the adaptation of the building to the law 13/89 , for the elimination of architectural barriers . 1.2 IntroductionThe City Palace (Palazzo Lombardi ) is built on two levels: a ground floor and a first floor.Access is from Corso January Torelli , where the lobby and present a monumental scale that allows entry to the first floor where are located the office of the mayor , the technical office , accounting office , etc. .On the same floor was located in the council hall , which for reasons of space has been transformed into administrative environments . On the ground floor , however, insist other premises including the bursar , the registrar office and other rooms used for services for citizens .Given that some local archive , located in the ground floor of Palazzo Lombardi were transferred to the nearby Palazzo Paolicelli , just to keep the council hall in the Palazzo di Citta , the administration has considered allocating the same ( now free ) , in the council chamber .At present environments in the ground floor (which will be at the service of the room) are divided as follows :from January Torelli leads to the entrance hallway that has a structure - bearing walls and roof vaults of brick and iron girders which is used as a waiting room adjacent to the registry office . - From the entrance hallway leads to the toilet . A small hallway provides access to two offices. The same is part of an environment consisting of load-bearing masonry structure and vaults.In direct contact with the local store ( now the dining room) insists that a small compartment and denied access since the last restoration dates back to 1996 , to functional requirements and distribution , and closed the compartment door that allowed the direct connection to the local store .The local structure and consists of bearing walls and barrel vault.All rooms have a flooring , terrazzo Apricena of the same design and type consists of tiles of size 30x30 and dots of red marble. In all the rooms are installed fluorescent lamps suspended .The premises in the council chamber (ex archives ) consist of load-bearing masonry structure with vaulted ceilings . The existing pavement made ​​during the last renovation work on the most complex and consists of stone tiles Apricena content architecturally suitable even if the use for which it was intended . The rooms have large windows that provide natural lighting and ventilation . 1.3 CRITERIA USED FOR DESIGN CHOICESTo create an architecture that respects the history of places, gives grandeur to the board room and give mysticism environments , and the expected overlap in the premises in the council chamber of a most important stone pavement Apricena further enhanced by small colored inserts .As shown in Circular Fiorelli , 1982, prior to the Congress of Engineers and Architects in 1883 , which identified the concept of normal architecture . "It 's wise to make an examination of the historical and artistic monument, which would enable it to determine how much should be retained in the interest of history and art ... a distinction that it has real importance for history or for art and must be respected , from what is not important and may be varied or withdrawn, it is established exactly everything that needs to be preserved , and comparing the normal state with the current , we bring out the differences and the damage suffered , ie, the corrosion, the demolitions, the adjunctions , reconstructions , changes , etc. . " (taken from Matter and Meaning of Paul Marconi - Editori Laterza ) .Regarding it as fundamental to preserve and enhance the architecture of the times , not to distort the history of the place and in accordance with the continuity of the pavement of the environments and the increased building was planned overlay on existing pavement , a new paving stone Apricena of considerable size.The reconciliation between the overlay and the existing pavement will present a bevel in order to blur the difference ( between the two floors ) and at the same time facilitating the access of the disabled to the new council chamber .The design and details of the pavement are shown in Tables 4a .To give mystical places and give visibility to the historic architecture in cruise and barrel and replaced the lighting pendant that limited perception of the time , with the headlights swivel to allocate the piers of the vaults. 1.3.1. accessThe current access to the local council chamber , through the filter area will be preserved as a further guarantee of escape routes in case of need of immediate runoff .Access to the board room will be secured adjacent to the main entrance of the Palazzo di Citta , where he will be re-opened a doorway , closed in the restoration of 1996. The three circles " at the service " of the room are :the local " wait- filter " from which you will enter in by January Torelli it will work " forever" also from the waiting room to the registry office ;the "space of relationship" with audio-video system ;" the entrance - hall " ( the last restoration , it was precluded direct access ) will become the " front door " to the new council chamber .Each intervention will be provided to protect the exploitation of architectures present. 1.4 . STRUCTURESubject: Reopening of compartment in communication with the ground floor of the council chamber .R E L A T I O N E C T E N I C AThe intervention better explained in the design documents that accompany this report , relates to the destination in the board room of the ground floor of the premises originally intended for municipal archive .The 'property and consists of bearing walls with vaults , barrel vaults and in other cases from the floors consist of steel beams and brick vaults full.From the structural point of view , in order to allow direct access from the street to the council chamber , will be reopened a walled compartment door (see photo) as it is not necessary at the time of the restructuring in 1996 /97. prot. No. 89/95 filed at the Civil Engineering Department on 19/06/95 . Therefore, in order to further improve the security ( the compartment door and already comes with architrave ) will be made ​​: a low arch made ​​up of bricks with mortar joints of excellent quality of resistance, with a maximum thickness at the extrados of the arch mm . 15 min and 5 mm at the intrados , in order to avoid that the increased thickness of the mortar in extrados line , determines under the effect of loads, one unbalance in the eventual adjustment of the arc.The vacuum port being of light contained l = 1.20 places the arch and shoulders that have to endure the pressures , in terms of stability , thanks to the relationship between the content and the rope dart .Therefore the ends of the arc will be ammorsate in the shoulders, to determine a partial interlocking .The part of the wall below the arch will download the weight of two profileUPN 100 X 50 ​​X 8.5 suitably recessed into the sides of the wall and connected to each other with steel bars f 14 and locking nuts , as well as 50 X 4 plates to be welded to the UP N.The construction details are shown in the Table . 4 . 1.5 SYSTEMSWill be made in the name of quality and functionality , in compliance with the regulations. 1.5.1. wiringAll lines will be reused existing undercurrent , while necessary ( to be added) for the construction of audio - video and lighting will be installed on the wall behind the skirting board .There are no interventions in the walls. If necessary , we will use the cable ducts in view of the same color of the walls . In accordance with the historical times and the use to which they are destined environments will be deleted points of light present and all cables.The existing plant will make changes that require minimal intervention to the framework.At present protection lines will add a dedicated line to the system's audio and video system needed during the course of the municipal councils and conferences.The installation of fire detection and alarm , no longer working will be replaced by a new plant built in compliance with the UNI 9795 and UNI EN VF 54/1 .All cables used in the construction of the electrical system will respond to UNEL and CEI .To supplement the natural light, or in lieu of the same , we will use lighting to direct and indirect lighting .Lighting equipment will be used in accordance with CEI 34-21 installed at the following heights:- > 2.5 m, or- ? 2.5 m ( in the establishment of appropriate screens ) .To ensure the safety of the public, in case of normal power fails , and a planned security lighting so you can :- Prevent the danger resulting from the lack of ordinary light ;- Avoid panic ;- Allow the exodus .The fittings designed for security will be in conformity with their own product standards ( CEI 34-21 and CEI 34-22 )In this regard, and have chosen a self-powered lighting fixture (SE 11W or 18W ) , in order to make viable exit routes easily and see the plane landing .The installation height of the safety devices will be > 2m .In addition, since the intervention plant falls in historic and architectural value , and was expected to land a plant (whose resistance value of land and 2.27 ohm) that it adopts the existing system without the need to provide for the other sinks of land.The calculation data , charts and executives are given in the Table . 6 - 6a - 6b . 1.5.2 . Mains water and sewage :In local bathroom for the disabled and also planned to replace the existing health with the new feature of the necessary requirements .The same will be vitrified porcelain , complete with mixer units .Since the filter will be installed in the adjacent area No. 2 hose reels fire suppression , with characteristics of art. 8 of Presidential Decree 418/1995 , the delivery of the same will be guaranteed by tanks , the capacity of lt. 4600 approved , with supply from mains water town . The right pressure of the jet will be guaranteed by a group of pressurization pump consists of a service and a pilot . The diagrams and the executive directors are shown in the Table . 5 - 5a. 1.5.3 . HeatingNot provided any intervention of new construction or retrofit of the existing plant .  1.6 CONCLUSIONSIn the tender documents which constitutes an integral part of the design of the new council chamber was established and the main category of works ( OG11 ) .They have been grouped by homogenous activity by assigning the incidence and the amount for each group.The works will be made ​​in the body and will be subject to downward, as security charges computed separately will not be lower.In the tab. D of the special summarizes the main elements of the contract, the terms and execution , the provisions relating to security , the terms of the contract, the quality of the materials to be implemented , the mode of acceptance and what is necessary for good success of the work .The general report , together with the detailed design , construction details , to specific reports , comments and historical research to make that unexpected events in progress are reduced substantially.