Nursery Don Tonino Bello

The building , located in the City of Apricena 167 was created to meet the needs of young families where the spouses are busy during the day . The kindergarten , in fact , will host children between the ages of zero and three years. The soft lines of the housing recall the concept of motherhood. The various elements that make up the facade expertly combined , give rise to a particularly harmonic structure and at the same original . The outer walls , sidewalks , connections and internal flooring asylum, entirely made ​​of stone Apricena , characterize the project . The shades of red stone , the white bush-hammering , the pastel shades of bronze , underline and emphasize the organic architecture of asylum. The blue light of LED lighting , which are applied on the boundaries of voids thick stone doors and windows , color asylum attesting the presence in the evenings . The interior spaces of the structure of special attention include three classrooms, each with their own play area , sleeping area and services. The colors in pastel shades , chosen to decorate the interior walls , together with the large windows that provide natural light and continuity with the surrounding green space , are the result of a careful study of pedagogy.