The Piazzetta del Gusto

The idea of ​​the project The idea is courageous and at the same time innovative. In the era of shopping centers that “absorbed” all the small businesses of the past, giving space to the butchery of the past appears to be a feat, certainly not a small feat. It could prove successful, however, if it were given a new look. A place that is trendy, but at the same time arouses curiosity. A space without divisions and visual obstacles.
A butchery that becomes a small square of taste, which is also a wine shop, pub, tasting room, meeting point, where you can admire the process of processing salami and cheeses, in a new place of interest and curiosity. -preparation, the conversation area, in particular, placed at different altitudes, with tables, seats, sofas and a careful lighting system, will entice the public to moments of relaxation and tasting.

The stones breathe. Once every thousand years and our life is too short to notice
(Fabrizio Caramagna)


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