Redevelopment and expansion of Adem Jashari Square – Tirana

The square subject of urban redevelopment, represents “the entrance door” to Tirana from the important road artery that connects the capital of Albania with Durres and the National airport. This urban space is named after the Albanian hero Adem Jashari, of in the center of which is the dedicated monument. (“AJ is considered one of the main architects of the liberation of Kosovo. Jashari was one of the leaders and founders of the Liberation Army of Kosovo (also known by the English acronyms KLA and Albanian UÇK) in the Drenica operations area. He is declared national hero of Kosovo and Albania. After his death Adem Jashari became a symbol of independence for the Kosovar Albanians “).
The “square” falls between two opposing constructive realities: on one side a district of modern formation (avenue of the embassies), on the other, buildings in line of rational-socialist style, with insertions (see the ex hotel Napoli, now object of intervention) of Mussolinian architecture. At present it is a “marginal place”, used “only” as a pedestrian crossing and parking of vehicles. Therefore an urban redevelopment intervention is needed that enhances the urban space as a symbolic place and the relationship with the rest of the city. The redevelopment project involves the creation of new spaces for greenery and entertainment and “restores” the symbolic nature of the place, where the monument dedicated to the hero becomes central.

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