Agritourism structure

Urban framework

The intervention to be carried out falls within the territory of the Municipality of Lesina and precisely on the separate land in the cadastre of Sheet n ° 8 p.lla n ° 10 has 3.67.80 and p.lla n ° 284 has 2.19.00. The urban planning instrument in force (P.R.G.) allocates the land identified above to a homogeneous territorial area: E1 – normal agricultural area, therefore the project was drawn up in compliance with the N.T.A. accompanying the P.R.G. in force. The affected area includes a farm with a building resulting from the housing development by the Body for land reform. The farm on two sides borders the provincial road Lesina – Ripalta and with the interpoderale road. The project On this land, close to the interpoderale road, there is a small building not far from it, a small building comprising an oven – chicken coop and storage room. The intervention involves a single floor above ground and where possible, the renovation of the old building, the expansion and construction of the underlying basement. The planned volumes are of contained heights on a single floor. The ground floor includes the reception area, a small office space, the dining room, the kitchen, the toilets and seven bedrooms. The basement floor will be served by two stairs, one of which is external and an elevating platform. It will be used to store food and barriques, where the wine produced with indigenous grapes from the company’s vineyard will be refined.

Construction notes

The property will consist of reinforced concrete framework and brick – cement floors. The roofs will consist of a double brick facing, with an insulating material interposed. The pitched roof will be suitably waterproofed, insulated and finished with antiqued tiles. The partition walls will consist of perforated 8 cm thick. The internal and external plasters will be of the traditional type. All the rooms will be paved with aged Apricena stone tiles. The walls of the services in general will all be covered with ceramic material, up to the necessary height. The external fixtures and shutters will be in wood, which together with the roof tiles and the colored lime-based tonachino that will be applied to the facades, will give the building the appearance of the “masseria” of the past. Recreational spaces The whole farm will be placed at the service of the guests of the farmhouse. In addition to the existing trees, local essences will be planted, such as pine trees, olive trees to complement the existing ones, and evergreen tree essences. The free spaces will be used as a walkable lawn. The area occupied by the existing olive trees will also be used for parking and the trees themselves will be used for shading. The construction of a multipurpose pitch, a swimming pool, benches and paths arranged with gravel is also planned.

The stones breathe. Once every thousand years and our life is too short to notice
(Fabrizio Caramagna)


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