Nursery Don Tonino Bello

The building, located in area 167 of the Municipality of Apricena, was created to meet the needs of young families where spouses are engaged during the day. The nursery will accommodate children aged between zero and three years. The soft lines of the envelope recall the concept of motherhood. The various elements that make up the façade skilfully juxtaposed give rise to a remarkably harmonious and, at the same time, original structure. The external walls, sidewalks, connections, and internal flooring of the kindergarten, entirely made with Apricena stone, characterize the project. The shades of red rock, the white of the bushhammering, and the pastel shades of bronze, underline and enhance the organic architecture of the kindergarten. The blue light of the LED lighting on the thick stone contours of the open doors and windows color the kindergarten, certifying its presence even in the evening. The structure’s interior spaces are particularly well-kept and include three classrooms, each with its play area, sleeping area, and services. The colors in pastel shades chosen to decorate the interior walls and the large windows that ensure natural light and continuity with the surrounding green space represent the result of a careful pedagogical study. The intervention concerns the arrangement of the area surrounding the kindergarten “Don Tonino Bello.” The space involved, approximately 3,300 square meters, is delimited by the streets Via Pio La Torre and Via CA Dalla Chiesa. The intervention falls in the PEEP area of the Municipality of Apricena, in a high population density characterized by residential buildings with in-line typology. The area will be represented by internal paths, planting trees, hedges, and seats made from “waste” blocks of stone to take on central features. It will remain at the service of the residents, the Kindergarten, and the Federico II High School. The project refers to the architecture of the Kindergarten while completing the original intervention program, characterized by the soft lines of the complex.
The use of local stone, the key element of the project, relates to the organic architecture of the building. The project can be substantially divided into 6 points: 1. green landscaping; 2. installation of an irrigation system – concealed watering; 3. construction in Apricena stone of the sidewalks delimiting the area, the square, and the seats; 4. execution of the paths made of granular mixture delimited by stone curbs; 5. planting of native tree species and hedges; 6. lighting system construction. The internal paths will be illuminated by low-energy consumption lamps arranged on posts and other recessed lighting fixtures from the ground. The lighting idea is considered the blue lighting of the nursery school, generated by LED lamps. The light emitted by the new light sources will not be confused with the blue lighting of the Kindergarten and, at the same time, will enhance the architecture of the place.

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